Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lucky #7

luck- noun \ˈlək\ 

:the things that happen to a person because of chance : the accidental way things happen without being planned

:good fortune : good luck

:success in doing or getting something

No doubt about it, I got lucky! It was by chance, good fortune that I ended up with a sister like Christie. While I know many sisters do end up to be quite good friends, I have no doubts that luck played a part in the relationship I have with my sister. When we were young children my sister was a playmate and companion. We played Barbie's, roller skated, and watched the Rocky and Bull Winkle show. During out teenage years we played less and bickered more. about borrowing clothes, taking too much time in the bathroom etc. Pretty normal stuff, and when she went away to college I missed her, but life went on. As most kids tend to be, I was quite self centered! I'm a little ashamed to admit my self-centered tendencies lasted longer than they should have and it wasn't until my mid twenties that I finally "grew up". When I finally stopped to look around and take stock of who was around, I was pleasantly surprised to find my sister. Here's the thing though...she'd always been there! I'd just been to wrapped up in myself to realize! The only reason I still had her... was luck!
I don't deserve a sister like her!
I looked up personality traits to describe her and found words like: genuine, patient, orderly, kind, funny, smart, creative, forgiving, generous, supportive, logical, loveable, observant,  rational, trusting, practical.
I giggle at how few of those words describe my personality! (rational? patient? practical?) hehehe
While we are so very different, I like to think that is why she means so much to me! She's the jelly to my peanut butter, the hip to my hop, the cheese to my macaroni, ...she's my best friend!

I don't know where I'd be,  Without you here with me

You stand by me you believe in me, Like nobody ever has

When my world goes crazy, You're right there to save me


Life with you makes perfect sense, You're my best friend!

 I'm so lucky to have you as an Aunt for my kids, as an advisor for my problems, a sounding board for my latest scheme, fortunate to have you as the Mama of my nephew & nieces, to have you as a friend! So why did I title this Lucky #7? Her birthday is tomorrow April 7th! And we are all lucky she was born!

Happy birthday Christie!!! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Broken road

I set out on a narrow way, many years ago
hoping I would find true love along the broken road.
But I got lost a time a or two. 
wiped my brow and kept pushing through 
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you 

I have always loved this Song. It's called the broken Road by Rascal Flats. The first time I remember hearing it the song brought tears to my eyes. Alex was just a baby, and the awesomeness of caring for another human being was catching up with me. Things were hard and I'd been struggling with school, work, money, friends.... everything and this song made me stop and think.... it's all worth it... all the "stuff" that I've been through and I am going through is worth it.... it's all going to be worth it. I have Alex. 

Every long lost dream led me to where you are

                                                     Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars

Pointing me on my way into your loving arms

This much I know is true

That God blessed the broken road

That led me straight to you

I spent the better part of my late teens and early twenties a drift.... no real plan or purpose. I switched from job to job, followed a boyfriend across the country because he had a plan & I didn't.... It seemed like all my friends, and my siblings, knew exactly what they wanted and how to get it.  They got degrees, jobs, engaged, took vacations... and I was just floating where ever the breeze took me. Don't get me wrong, I had fun too! Having no real responsibilities, no real plans can be liberating at times. Staying up late, going out dancing, meeting new people, learning new cities, buying that outfit just cause it makes your butt look good!!! . there are days that I long for that carefree life...
There are days that if I have to wash ONE more load of laundry, make one more peanut butter and Nutella, hear the kids argue one more time about who's turn it is, get one more bill....I think I am going to explode..... I want to go back to AZ and float down the Salt river in an inner tube. I want to dance down at Navy Pier to an old Jazz band, to be free..... to be a drift.....

I think about the years I spent just passing through.
 I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you. 
But you just smile and take my hand you've been there you understand. 
It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true...

But then I remember.... oh how AWFUL it was to not know what to do with myself. The nights I'd cry myself to sleep because I had no idea who I was or what I wanted,  the boys I'd try hopelessly to find myself in, and I realize that all of THAT led me to now. I have three kids that are smart, funny, healthy and they love me & trust me completely. I have a husband... who is funny, and smart, hard working, honest, and who knows me better than anyone in the world and still wants me to be his. I'm finally getting my degree doing something that I was always meant to do.... I have friends, true, honest, reliable, hilarious friends... I found my northern star..... the path was always leading to this... I just didn't know it....

Pointing me on my way into your loving arms,
 this much I know is true. 
That god blessed the broken road that led me straight to you 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A decade ago...

The year is 2003 
          The #1 song is Crazy in Love by Beyonce  

          The movie Finding Nemo hits theaters

          Lance Armstrong wins his 5th tour de France
          Americans try to rename French Fries to "freedom Fries"
          Arnold Schwarznegger is elected Governor of California. 
          Theo Schmidt & Cathie Tierney go on their first date. 

That's right boys and girls Theo and I have survived TEN years together!!! While neither of us can remember the EXACT date we met, I can tell you our first date was July 10th. We met for dinner at the Martini's up by Polaris Mall. I arrived early and worked out a code with the waitress that if I ordered an APPLE martini that was code for You have a fake phone call at the bar for me that I can use as an excuse to leave! I know it's crazy but I was SO nervous, every guy I'd EVER dated I had been friends with first. Meeting a guy for dinner that I'd only met ONCE was a bit nerve racking for me and I wanted to find a way to gracefully exit if I needed to! The waitress was awesome and even told us there was a happy hour special on Apple Martini's after he arrived. Luckily I didn't have to order one that night, and 10 years later I've STILL never had an APPLE martini!! (I'm afraid it'll be bad luck or something!) 

Its hard to remember what my life was like 10 years ago, I was working Full time, going to school full time and trying to keep up with Alex. I know I was busy and a little stressed, but I remember being happy. I wasn't really looking for a relationship at the time because I couldn't imagine having time for one, but when I met Theo I remember thinking that he was just as busy as I was. Over the summer we managed to see each other off and on and in the fall he went on a trip with his Dad out to AZ. I didn't expect to hear from him while he was gone but one night the phone rang and it was him. I remember being so surprised and at the same time relieved that he had called. After that trip we were together... a couple.... boyfriend/girlfriend.... only neither of said it... we didn't have a "TALK" about it.... it was just the way it was. 

Now it's 2013 and Theo and I are married with 3 kids, a 3 bedroom house and a minivan in the driveway.... We've survived both of us getting college degree's, supported each other through the loss of loved one's, teething babies & potty training, house repairs, and road trips. We've laughed about living the dream, and stay at home parents ground hog-esq days. It's been FAR from a fairy tale romance, but I can't imagine what life would be like NOW if I'd ordered that Apple Martini THEN!!! 

A little old lady once told me, "marry someone that you can have fun folding the laundry with!" I thought she was a bit nutty at the time, but I now I think I know what she meant! Being a grownup/parent is always the most fun... It is hard & exhausting, and having someone that you sincerely enjoy being around makes all the difference in the world! It's hard to imagine what life will be like in another 10 years... Alex will be 22, Leah 18 and Ethan will be 16 years old, YIKES  I don't like the sound of that!!! I want my kids to stay little....I don't want them to be grownups so soon! 10 years sounds like so much time but geeze the last 10 have gone by so quickly!!! 

I have no idea what the next decade has in store for us, but hopefully Theo will still be by my side making me laugh while we fold our 5 millionth load of laundry!!! I love you babe! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dog Gone Lucky!

I was playing around on my computer just now and found these pictures. Leah and Ethan must've hijacked my computer when I wasnt looking and took these with the camera in the computer. At first I was laughing at their silly faces and then I found THIS one
Are you KIDDING me with this? It just KILLS me! This was NOT a mom sponsored picture! I didn't comb their hair, or putting them in matching clothes, or try to frame the picture... it was just two kids, playing with a camera and it captured who they truely are... Best friends! 

I often get caught up in the day to day grind of life and parenthood and trying to prepare them for life, pick up your toys, take a bath, eat your vegetables, quit hitting your brother, do your homework and I forget how lucky these two kids are to have each other. They are and have always been best friends! Sure they fight and get on each others nerves but when no one else is looking... this is what you'll find! My favorite part of this picture is their arms around each other, his protevtive curl, her reassuring grasp, they've got each others back! Always! 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

12 years of Brian.

People always talk about and/or ask couples how long they have been dating/married. We ask about when they first met,  how long before they fell in love, when they knew the other was "THE ONE"…  but I think we forget that when you start dating someone, or get married you get a family, you get relationships built in to the romantic relationship! 

No one can tell you more about "getting" a family than my brother in law Brian Grube. I always remember when he and my sister started dating because it was only a few weeks after Alex was born. Right from the beginning I felt differently about Brian. I hadn't always been "fond" of some of the guys that my sister dated, but the first time Christie introduced us, I liked him. He was kinda cute, really smart, he had a weird sense of humor that I appreciated and most importantly he treated my sister really well! As you know Christie and Brian dated for almost 7 years before they got married, but I decided after only 6 months that this guy was "THE ONE" for my sister. 

 We formed a fast friendship, and he became my go to "girlfriend"! I called him to talk about boys, school, car trouble, computer issues, and homework help. He was my first phone call when I found out I was pregnant with Leah, He called me the first time my sister had a pregnancy melt down. 

I have never doubted him, nor have I ever wished for Christie to be with someone else. He has always been honest, patient, and supportive all the things I require in a friend! And I Genuinely enjoy being around this guy! 

Yesterday was Brian's birthday, and I wanted to take this opportunity to say: 

I am so grateful for the husband you are to my sister, the father you are to my nephew, the uncle you are to my kids, and the friend you are to me! 

I love You Brian James, Happy Birthday! 


Every year people put post on Facebook everyday saying what they are most thankful for... This year I took a somewhat comical approach and focused on the small things in life. Elastic, sleep, sugar.... the little things that make life comfy and delicious. But I of course am most thankful for the people in my life!
The newest love in my life is my nephew Anson. He is absolutely adorable. He's such a good baby and he changes so much every time I see him! I've said it before but I'm seriously obsessed with him. Like I almost need to go see a shrink obsessed! When he's in the room I can't take my eyes off him! I practically stand on my head trying to get him to smile! I spent the entire Fakesgiving kissing on him! No like for real, I spent the entire day like this!

 Luckily he hasn't learned to crawl yet so he can't get away from me!

2012 has been a good year! We've had to work at figuring out how to make it all work and we've been busier this year than ever... but how lucky are we! TO have such a full life. TO have the opportunity for me to go back to school, how lucky that Theo has not just one job, but two and we are able to creatively afford all that we need and even a little of what we want!  We are healthy! We have love!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Day of School 2012

It happens every fall, and every year it almost catches me off guard! I'm always amazed at how fast the summer goes and how we never quite get a chance to do all the fun things I'd like to do. I was especially not wanting this school year to start because it was bringing about such big changes for my boys!
Alex started middle school! He went from our little bubble of Westgate where everybody knows him and I know all the teachers and started at a brand new school with teachers I don't know. He has to use a locker and switch classes every hour and navigate a much bigger student body. It was alot for a Mom to process for her baby. So you can just imagine how hard it was for the "baby" to process especially with out 2 of your best friends because they went to different schools!
He was a mess! There was alot of nervousness, questions, concerns, tears and sleeplessness leading up to the big day. In fact the night before I'd be generous to say he got 4 hours of sleep! It took me telling him that he didn't have to go that first day just to get him to go to sleep! He of course went, but thinking he didn't have to go was all it took to get him to chill out enough to get a few hours of sleep!
It's so hard navigating all these new feelings and challenges that your children have. Especially since you don't know what's going on inside their heads! As he gets older trying to figure out what he's thinking/feeling gets harder and harder. And I think he and I can talk to each other pretty well but still, what I'd be worried about and what he's worried about are very rarely the same thing. I tell ya it makes me long for the days that potty training him was the most challenging part of my day with him.
Darn kids growing up! Luckily he survived his first day and decided it was not as bad as he thought it would be. Tonight he even told me that he thinks he's got his locker figured out and that was a huge stress! It also helps that he is VERY excited about his band class. He wants to learn to play the flute.... Again the choice of instrument surprised me, but he LOVES the teacher and seems to have alot of fun so I'm excited to see how this plays out for him. I've always regretted not learning to play an instrument so I'm hoping all three of my kids pick up something musical and can play me songs in my old age! :)
So here he is the big bad 6th grader....

That same day Leah started 2nd grade. Her transition back to school will hopefully be a little easier. She knows the school, the teachers, and the friends. She of course gets REALLY tired the first few weeks and so our bedtime routine becomes even more strict so that she gets plenty of sleep. BUT I will have to say that I'm going to have to take out a loan just to be able to feed this girl lately! She's going thru a HUGE growth spurt the last few weeks... it seems like her legs are growing 1/4 inch every night. Skirts and shorts that we OK to wear in July have suddenly become short shorts on her.... 

I'm Loving her toothless smile!

And then on Thursday this little guy started kindergarten! That's right all of my babies are school age now. He's going to a full day kindergarten so he's gone as long as his brother & sister. Leaving this one at school was like a kick to the heart! I tried to keep it together and managed to make it out the doors and to the first step before the water works started. UGH!!! And the thing is, I'm so excited for him to start. He's totally excited to finally be a westgate kid! His teacher is a friend of mine, and the same teacher Leah had. So it's just the fact that he was my baby. My last little one to snuggle with during the day while the "big kids" were gone. No more quiet times watching loony tunes or eating Nutella sandwiches in the living room because it's just the two of us and no one else has to know...
That Thursday Theo was home from work and we sat down to eat lunch, just the two of us... it was so quiet... so weird....
I know that it's all part of life and that I will get use to this next phase of life, but for that day, I gave into feeling sorry for myself... I cried for the baby days gone by.... There were quiet a few tears!!!
But not from this guy! No sir! He hopped out of bed, got dressed and nearly ran to school!
Although I have to say I think he found some comfort knowing that Leah was just a few doors down. (they actually sat at tables next to each other at lunch)

He was also very excited about having his very own lunch box! But packing 3 lunches is going to be a challenge! I need Ideas of different things to send with them!

Here is Daddy giving some last minute words of encouragement
Then he grabbed a book and sat down at a table and gave a quick wave and was ready to be
 a BIG kid NOW!!!!
I know we will all get use to the school routine again, and having school work of my own will keep me plenty busy while the kids are at school... And I have to say that getting Alex up and ready for school at 6:30 everyday is just about my least favorite thing to do these days. But that's all apart of growing up... for the kids too!
Happy School Year Everyone! Learn lots!